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Username: countrythang
Introduction: Im a laid back and simple country girl. I like country music the most but do listen to some other types of music also. I love animals of all sorts and nature. I like sitting by a bon fire having a few beers with friends. I like going to the beach at night just to look at the stars. I like staying in more so then going out for a night on the town. I like home cooked meals. Im not real good at talking about myself, but I gave it a try.Oh yea, I also like meeting new and interesting people.
Gender:Female (Single)
Location:United States, Florida
Why are you on Free Cougar Dating World?:To see what happns...
Height:5' 0" (152 cm)
Marital Status:Divorced
Ethnic origin:Caucasian (white)
Smoking Habits:Yes, but trying to quit
Body type:A few extra pounds
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Auburn
Drinking habits:Just socially
Education:I'll tell you later
Employment status:I'll tell you later
Bit Of Background On Me
To be a hopeless romantic in a time when romance is dead, Is truly a sad state of affairs in matters of the heart and the head. While others’ concerns are twerking, ****ing, fashion and tweeting, My concern is for finding a reason for my heart’s very beating. Yes, the world’s no longer worried about love and romance. No one writes letters, really talks, cuddles or holds hands. Nowadays it’s all just friends with benefits and hanging out, And it seems that everyone forgot what love is really all about. There’s no courting, no dating, no gestures straight from the heart. It’s all about how fast someone can get someone else’s legs apart. Well, that’s not me and maybe I’m old fashioned or a prude, But all the stuff that’s part of hooking up just seems rude. No, I want the mush and the gush and all the sweetness too. I want the courting and dating that leads into the I love you’s. I want hand-holding, cuddling, and everything in between, Letters and phone calls and to be treated like a queen, But all I ever get is rejection and forever ignored, Or I’m approached by men who leave me annoyed or bored. There’s no brain or no heart inside of their soul, And I know that these men cannot be the other half of my whole. They put forth no effort and leave after my big heart’s revealed. My heart’s been broken so much it’s a wonder it ever healed. I’m tired of being hurt and constantly getting burned. All that I want is to give my love and to be loved in return.
What am i looking for in a partner
Im looking for honesty, loyalty and has the same interests that I have...
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