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It seems apparent that more and more younger men are looking to date someone older and often the age gap is so big (usually over 15 years) that it becomes known as cougar dating for older women. That is women who are much older than their partners are described as a ‘cougar’ a single lady who oozes confidence and is more interested in guys who are younger than men their own age or older.

It has not of course always been like this, in fact far from it. In the past it was generally the case than younger women dated older men and vice versa. The whole Cougar dating phenomenon appears to have come about around the turn of the century when strong and powerful women like Madonna and Demi Moore we thrown into the spotlight when they started dating guys who were much younger.

The thing that made this all the more interesting was that the guys they were dating were some of the hunkiest and hot guys in Hollywood like Ashton Kutcher. Many people find it strange to find that all these hot younger guys are attracted to older women but once they try to use free cougar dating websites they are often pleasantly surprised to find that they are hot property and find themselves chased by lots of guys, this is extremely flattering to ladies who had perhaps not been actively looking for boyfriends.In fact in the free gay dating scene it’s also often the fact that older gay men are very attracted to younger gay men.

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Toyboy Connection - Toyboy Blog/ Free Cougar Dating On Toyboy Connection


You may have noticed recently that more and more in the news is stories about older women dating younger men. Indeed this trend has gained popularity over the course of the last ten years or so with many celebrities and Hollywood movies stars, women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s dating guys who are much younger than them. Often referred to as cougar dating or toyboy dating these women prefer to date younger men or so called toyboys because they feel that they are much more eligible than guys their own age or older.

It used to be that traditionally women would date men who were older and vice versa, this was the traditional dating narrative and seemed to be embedded in the culture as seen in countless movies and tv shows. It seemed that this was the relationship dynamic that looked set to stay. However since about the turn of the century this myth has been debunked and we can trace the thread of this as far back as films such as Mrs Robinson staring Dustin Hoffman. But since the year 2000 this idea has really took hold with stars such as Demi Moore, Madonna and Eva Longoria dating guys who are many, many years younger.

In addition to this free cougar dating sites have started to sprout up across the internet making it more easier for normal people to take part in the new phenomenon. These days you don’t have to be a super rich jet-setter to date the younger guy of your dreams, in fact he might just be living round the corner, or the guy next door! The popularity of free cougar dating sites has astounded many people who thought that cougar dating was just a fad, indeed sites such as www.freecougarcontacts.com are striking out into new ground in the dating world and seeing thousands of new members join every week.

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Toyboy Connection - Toyboy Blog/ Demi Moore Toyboy Dating Again


It seems that the famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore has put her old toyboy dating flame Ashton Kutcher well and truly behind her as it was revealed today that she may well be dating the UK heart throb Orlando Bloom. Orlando is regarded as one of the worlds biggest star after appearing in such films as Pirates of the Caribbean alongside Johnny Depp.

Demi is more than 14 years older than Orlando making her again a prime cougar taking part in cougar dating, following in the footsteps of other famous older women dating younger men such as Madonna and Sadie Frost. There will certainly be a lot of chins wagging in celebrity circles after news broke and expect to see plenty more about this story hitting the headlines in the months to come.

Rumours were circulating after they apparently met via mutual friend Jennifer Aniston herself someone who prefers her men to be younger. There has been an explosion in toyboys making the headlines recently with free cougar dating sites appearing like www.freecougardatingworld.com allowing younger men and older women to link up in cyber space before meeting for real.

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